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about glitter and moss.


meet the owner

Hannah Bosse

Licensed Paramedical Esthetician

My name is Hannah Bosse and I am the owner + Lead Esthetician at Glitter and Moss.

As your esthetician, I am your guide to achieving healthy, radiant skin. As you begin your skin-care journey, it's important to understand that clearing your existing problematic condition is only a portion of your healing. We also work to MAINTAIN optimal skin health throughout your entire life.


I view your skin through a full-spectrum lens. What you see happening on the surface of your skin is always interconnected with a dysfunction happening within. I offer you education as to why you're experiencing these conditions and give fail-proof direction while treating your skin from the inside - out. 

I work to rebuild and correct your skin conditions in my treatment room. Then, we work in partnership to maintain its' healthy functioning with effective home-care management and professional treatment plans.

Your skin will change many times throughout your life span. Having a trusted skincare professional in your corner who helps you navigate the arising changes? That's where I come in! As a person who has struggled with acne and hyperpigmentation throughout different stages in my life (and still manage!), I understand the urgency needed to treat skin quickly and effectively with a no B.S. approach along the way.


Each visit to G&M will be completely customized to your exact conditions. 

my specialties:

pigmentation | melasma | inflamed + non-inflamed acne | rosacea + barrier repair | fine lines + skin laxity | personalized regimen creation + homecare maintenance
corrective chemical peels | advanced skin revision | henna brow | age management

"Improving the health of your skin not only boosts confidence, but has the power to transform your quality of life. We will implement changes within your daily routine to cause long-term improvements in your skin health. I will guide you toward healthy habits that will create the foundation for truly beautiful skin."

- Hannah Bosse

Owner, Glitter and Moss


Lydia B.

"My name is Lydia Bosse and I'm a Licensed Esthetician at Glitter and Moss. As your skincare professional, I want to help transform the way you see yourself. Going makeup-free is liberating. My goal is to help you achieve healthy skin that you LOVE - even uncovered and bare. As someone who has struggled with acne, I want to help my clients reach a point of management and maintenance with the skin conditions you may be insecure about. Few things feel better than going makeup free and feeling confident while doing it! I want to help you reach your goal of healthy skin."
my specialties
 pigmentation | textural irregularities | barrier repair therapy | age management facial treatments

no-downtime chemical peeling | custom chemical peels | nutritional skincare treatments 


by appointment.





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