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Before arriving for your appointment, we ask that you please read over your confirmation email before your appointment. We are still taking precautions to keep all of our clients comfortable when visiting us. We update our confirmation email message as policies shift + updates change to keep you informed before arrival.

WHEN YOUR ARRIVE: TEXT 256-714-5949 and inform us that you've arrived. Please wait in your car until you receive a text back from us, confirming that we're ready to see you. We will text you back as soon as we're ready. 

We do not allow extra guests to wait in the lobby for you during your appointment. Our waiting area is closed. Absolutely no children are permitted. Cancellation Fees will apply and guests with children will be asked to reschedule.

Phone conversations are prohibited in our lobby. Given the spa atmosphere, our clients visiting may have hired a babysitter, or taken a break from work to reserve time to relax with us. Keep noise to a minimum to respect other guests.

TEXTING US IS ONLY PERMITTED ON THE DAY OF YOUR APPOINTMENT. All other questions, inquiries, or rescheduling must be submitted to


For the health of our small business and out of consideration for our providers, Glitter and Moss implements a cancellation policy that is applicable to all reserved appointments. Cancelling your appointment requires 36 hours notice from your scheduled appt time to avoid a cancellation fee.

This fee is $75.

Each client acknowledges this policy agreement via digital signature prior to the very first visit.


If you are unsure if you can to make your upcoming appointment, you are able to cancel the appointment through the 72-hour reminder email anytime before the 36-hour mark to reschedule at a later date/time.

With the reminder systems we have in place, we do implement cancellation fees firmly. Reminder texts are a privilege. In the off-chance that you miss your two reminders sent prior to appts, the cancellation policy still applies. 


A same-day cancellation is constituted by either forgetting about your appointment and not showing up without proper notice 0 to 2 hours prior to your scheduled appt time on the same day. We reserve these limited spots specially for each individual client. In the event that you may same-day cancel your appointment, you will be charged 100% of the total service price, regardless of the circumstance.

Our cancellation fee still applies if you have multiple appointments booked for the day and need to cancel just one of them with last-minute notice. These sorts of cancellations take away from another client who could have booked the spot, constituting a same-day cancellation.


Waitlist requests that are booked 36 hours or more ahead of time are still subject to cancellation fee if proper 36-hour cancellation notice is not given.


Thanks so much for respecting and understanding our policies upon booking.


After placing orders at our online store - - you will receive an email that confirms "Your Order is Ready!". Although we do require clients arriving for their day-of appointments to check in via text before coming inside, product pickups are on a drop-in basis.


We have a pickup area just inside our front door with all orders and clients' names written on top for easy retrieval of your products. Drop in during business hours (posted on instagram stories) or email us ahead of time to be sure the door is unlocked when you arrive! We operate by appointment only and do not have standard business operating hours. Keep that in mind!

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